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Solid State Relay:

A new type of non-contact switching device which is composed of solid state electronic components utilizes the switching characteristics of electronic components (switching transistors, traics and other semiconductor devices) to connect and disconnect the circuit without contact and fire. Therefore, it is also known as "non-contact switch." Solid state relay is an active device with four terminals, two of which are input control terminals, the other two are output control terminals. It is able to amplify its drive function and has good isolation effect, so it is often applied to high power switching actuators. Compared with the electromagnetic relay, solid state relay has higher reliability, non-contact, higher life-time expectancy and fast response time.


TRAIC is made of NPNPN five-layer semiconductor material and has three electrodes, main electrode T1, T2, and the grid electrode G. For the device can be conducted bidirectionally, the two electrodes T1 and T2 except the grid electrode G are main terminals instead of being divided into the anode or cathode. When the voltage of G and T2 relative to T1 are positive, T2 is the anode and T1 is the cathode. Conversely, when the voltage of G and T2 relative to T1 are negative, T1 becomes the anode, T2 becomes the cathode.

Current Transformer:

A simple device that can measure  AC current according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is mainly used to convert large current  into a certain proportion of small current(our standard is 5A) in AC circuit for measure and protect solid state relay.

Analog output module:

Analog output module, also known as D / A module, transforming the digital value produced by the CPU of the PLC into continuous analog (voltage or current) that can be received and adjusted by external devices. The digital signals received by analog output module are generally 12-bit binary number, the more the digital bits, the higher the resolution.

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