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Chordn photovoltaic(PV) fuses were engineered and designed specifically for the protection of photovoltaic systems. Its enhanced fuse construction makes it ideal for constant temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity.

Class: gPV
IR: 50KA                                     Agency Information: IEC60269 UL Recognized CE      

  Features & Benefits

  • Low fault current interrupting capability
  • Durable construction for enhanced system longevity
  • Guaranteed operation at temperature extremes                                                                                   
Reference Rated voltage Rated current Dimension Characteristic Standard
APJ 1000VDC 50A-630A 00/01/02/03 gPV CE
APJB 1000VDC 200A-630A 02/03 gPV CE
APQ 1500VDC 125A-400A 02/03 gPV CE
APQB 1500VDC 50A-400A 00/02/03 gPV CE
AP10 1000VDC 1A-20A 10×38mm gPV CE
AP14 1000VDC 25A-32A 14×51mm gPV CE
AP10B 1000VDC 1A-20A 10×38mm gPV CE
AP14L10 1500VDC 25A-32A 14x85mm gPV CE
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