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Our complete range - Special purpose fuses

All highly specialized applications share one thing - the necessary for high-performance circuit protection. Chordn electric brings more than a century of expertise to developing reliable solutions for the most application-specific requirements.

Chordn forklift truck and battery isolator fuses are specially designed for the heavy duty loads associated with DC battery powered equipment such as forklift trucks, hand trucks, motorized work platforms, and other DC battery operated systems.Stud mounted bolt-in design assure a long life in adverse conditions for these fuses. 

  Features & Benefits

  • 2,500A interrupting rating
  • Compact size saves space
  • All fuses are AC and DC rated
  • Expanded Ampere Ratings
  • Time delay and general purpose types

      Class: aR                                                        IR: 2500A                                                    Agency Information: IEC 60269 CE 
Reference Rated voltage Rated current Dimension Characteristic Standard
CNL 80VAC/80VDC 35A-750A see technical data aR CE
CNN 125VAC/80VDC 35A-800A see technical data aR CE
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