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Chordn electric’s extensive line of fuses is matched by our selection of fuse holders. Choose from a wide range of IEC Cylindrical Fuse Holders, IEC NH Fuse Bases and more.
● IEC Cylindrical Fuse Holders: accommodate industrial cylindrical fuse 10x38mm fuses, 14x51mm fuses and 22x58mm fuses. They have operating handles for non-load break disconnecting and electrical isolation for fuse-link replacement without tools. All contacts are silver-plated.

● IEC NH Fuse Bases:
available for delivery in single-pole and three-pole designs and can be closely mounted in parallel rows. NH fuse-links plugon covers which clip onto the contact springs can also be supplied for these bases.

● Isolating Switch:
 the construction of the switch is fully enclosed, ensuring its reliable work which can meet the requirements of different working types and circuits with different currents.

● Medium Voltage Fuse Bases: this very robust and original device means freedom for any mechanical system and offers the advantage of being able to incorporate a microswitch unit or units according to the equipment configuration.

● Photovoltaic Fuses Holders: designed for photovoltaic fuses.

● Semiconductor & Special Purpose Fuse Bases: fully open construction. All studs, clips and other parts are tin or galvanized.

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