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Transformers and power supplies - Transformers

General information:   

Different applications require different voltages, so transformers need to be more flexible. Chordn transformer offers you the flexibility that you need. Safe and reliable are the advantages of chordn transformer, the standard certification and wide voltage ranges make worldwide use easy.


Open frame, stationary, for device installation and assembly in dry rooms, separate windings. Connection to leakage current-resistant transformer terminals with screw fastening. The transformer terminals are protected against back of hand and nger contact according to accident prevention regulations. PE connection as 6.3x0.8mm tab connector.
IP 00, insulation class B, max. ambient temperature of 40(ta40/B).

Features and Benefits:
●High reliabiltiy and long life
●Low overall losses, high efficiency
●Be isolated without pollution
●High output voltage stability
●Compact, low-weight design        
Avoid abnormal operation of equipments

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